B:clarity operating in spain

Our mission to map consumer behaviour has brought us to Spain.

One of the main challenges for consumer durable brands, as well as retail, is navigating the ever more complex multichannel landscape. People still buy the same things, still make the same decisions, but they do so with more information at hand and more channels to choose from.

That does not mean that the choice is easier for the consumer. They have to navigate between online stores and physical stores while the abundance of information only creates more anxiety. As part of our work we help our clients to observe how potential buyers navigate online and real stores and measure critical behavioural steps that influence the shopper journey and purchase decision.

We are currently performing a large quantitative study of consumer behaviour in consumer electronics stores in Spain. From Benidorm to Barcelona. The objective of the study is classified but we will report on any general findings and insights later. In the mean time we are learning how brand preference and online retail maturity differ throughout Europe. Viva Espania!