The team

Nick Harmsen

KAM, Behavioural insights expert
070-922 80 09

Nick has spent the last 25 years in marketing. Nick specializes in research and analytics of consumer behavior and has executed research studies all over the world for consumer brands and retail clients. Nick frequently lectures on the subjects of behavior, visual cognition, communication and consumer choice.

“At Beautiful Clarity I hope to feed the fire of innovation and development of research methods, and to help our clients in solving complex problems by better understanding human behavior.”

Christopher Toll

KAM, Strategist and Creative director
070-600 37 01

Christopher has worked with communication since over twenty years on both the client and agency side. He has been a strategy lecturer at Stockholm University and was nominated in the Resumé awards “Marketing Director of the year” in 2016. Besides the role as creative director Christopher also acts as copy writer.

”I add both strategic expertise as well as creativity to Beautiful Clarity, to help our clients all the way from behavioral insights to complete communication solutions.”

Andreas Beronius

070-555 85 88

Andreas is a senior designer working since over 25 years with mainly identity design and interactive design. His design experience range from fast moving consumer goods to B2B consultancy firms.

”I believe design is one of the most crucial factors in gaining a competitive edge and building brand value. Design is not a matter of taste, it is a strategic tool that should be used as such. That’s my focus in the Beautiful Clarity team”

Jonas Hörnblad

Web developer

Jonas has been making websites since Internet was a teenager. Today his main focus is coding custom WordPress themes that are easy for clients to maintain. He’s also editing a couple of weekly podcasts, makes music and tries to stay young by DJing every now and then.

“My role in the team is to take all those beautiful ideas and make sure they really work in a digital context”

Johan Blomborg

Filmmaker and Photographer

Johan has been working with film since 2011 and started out as a film editor at former production agency Pixl Family. He has worked with clients such as Axfood, Sony Music, SATS and Hyresgästföreningen. In 2019 SVT broadcasted Johan´s documentary ‘Kära Pappa’ (Dear Father), acknowledged for its vulnerable portrait of men.

“At beautiful Clarity my contribution is to transform communication strategies into compelling films. I love bringing forward authenticity and emotions – things that make the audience truly relate to the content.”

Susanne Krutrök Åfors


Susanne has spent most of her carrier working with internal and external information both in companies and agencies i.e. as Head of Communication and PR at MyTravel/Vingresor and as senior consultant at Springtime, one of Sweden´s largest PR-agencies. Since many years now she has worked as an independent consultant. Creating messages and ideas are some of Susanne´s strengths, whether it’s for a product launch or managing a company crisis.

”After creating strategies and communication solutions we need to make sure that media notices the clients. My role is to get company news out and train representatives in how to handle journalists.”

Gerhard Malmberg

Motion graphic VFX artist
070-768 09 35

Gerhard has worked in the field for over thirty years mainly in partnership with advertising agencies, production companies and tv-channels. The main focus today is 3D visualisation, 3D- and 2D-animation and retouch in motion.

“I´m honoured to be a member of this creative and innovative team and make clever ideas come to life in motion.”

Benjamin Tjäder

Social media content producer

Benjamin is fresh out of Berghs School of Communication and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in media and communication sciences. He is a born and bred social media wiz with extensive experience in creating and publishing engaging content. Not least within fitness and health where his Tiktok account has more than 28,000 followers and to date 2.5 million likes.

“I think my youth and understanding of the mechanism of modern social media is a great asset for Beautiful Clarity and hope to contribute immensely to our client´s presence there.”

Dr. Poja Shams

Scientific Advisor

Poja is Associate Professor at Karlstad University, Service Research Center CTF. He is an awarded researcher in consumer behaviour and visual cognition. He has been published in distinguished journals such as Journal of Business & Retail Management Research, Journal of Business Research and Psychology & Marketing. Poja works with Beautiful Clarity as an advisor and contributes to our development of methods and technology when studying consumer behaviour, cognition, communication and choice.   Dr. Poja Shams bio at Karlstad University