The emotional touch

We do buy more things on-line nowadays. But despite the growth of digital shops we still buy most of our things in stores. And even when we purchase on-line, we like to visit stores to touch and feel products before we buy them either in the store or on-line. Fact is that in most consumer categories on-line shopping is preceded by an off-line experience. 

We have studied all our senses and how they influence our decision making. Except the sense of touch. It is the forgotten cousin of emotional marketing. So, this year we have taken a deep dive into this sense and how it helps us to connect with our emotions and make better decisions. We have performed several studies where we have mapped how physical interactions with products effects preference, emotional bonding and purchase decisions.

The visual attributes of products work as a signaling tool, while tactile information and the experience of touching work as a confirmation of choice and feeling of ownership. 

Get in touch with us if you would like to know how you could use tactile signals, and physical touch, to optimize consumers experience, increase preference and generate more sales.