We executed a large-scale consumer research study in Spain. Measuring how often shoppers interact with products in-store.


What is the role of touching in-store?

For one of our multinational clients we have executed a large consumer research project measuring how, how often, and when shoppers touch products in-store. We installed our proprietary sensors solution in 20 consumer electronics stores in Spain and measured several key behavioural aspects over a three month period. We measured footfall at the products as well as interaction with the products and compared this to sales. 

The result of the study was a deeper understanding for the importance of physical interaction with products during the path to purchase. It also showed clearly how touching products is strongly correlated with purchase.  

Touching is a behaviour deeply rooted in our history and a primary way to discover and assess things around us. And touching products is not just a consequence of interest. Touching will itself increase familiarity and a desire to own the product. Our studies have shown a direct effect of increased touch and sales. If you can get shoppers to touch your product you will increase your sales.  

So how do you get people to touch your products more? 

Please contact us for more insights on the role of touch and the way to use this to increase conversion and sales in-store. 

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