Our view on covid-19

There is no question that the corona pandemic leaves many people feeling hopeless, fearful, and uncertain about the future. This situation is unprecedented in modern history, an experiment as some calls it. How do we as people react when there is so much uncertainty?

Our thoughts go out to the countries most affected, our EU neighbors and neighbors across the seas and continents. We want to show gratitude to health workers, scientists, and government officials who sacrifice their time and effort to manage the situation. We send our love to those being ill, and people who have lost a loved one. We emphasize that no one stands alone, we all stand together as a global collective.

How do we as company act in times of crisis? At Beautiful Clarity we strive to give our contribution based on our knowledge and line of work. As research analysists, we want to take the opportunity to create insight. Even though our knowledge does not involve epidemiology or medicine, we do know a lot about human behavior.

With our specialty in the financial market communication, we want to create knowledge about how the current pandemic affects investors and people working in the financial market during this difficult time. The health of the population is and should always be the main priority but we find it important to investigate the perceptions of the key players in the finance industry, and how the corona pandemic affects jobs, workplaces, and the overall economy.

In cooperation with Realtid, one of Sweden´s leading financial news medias, Beautiful Clarity is conducting a survey mapping financial market actors and their view on the company´s ability to manage government restrictions, society’s response and personal perception. We hope that the results will give insights that can be used for a better understanding of the complex human nature. See the result in a couple of days on www.realtid.se.

Together, with our own unique qualities and specialties, we can all improve the lives of others, today and tomorrow. Let us all both contribute and benefit from this.


The Beautiful Clarity team.