Beautiful Clarity performs Corona study in collaboration with major financial media company

During Easter, the analytics team at Beautiful Clarity conducted a survey in collaboration with Realtid.se, one of Sweden’s most respected financial online news sites, on how their readers relate to the corona crisis. In 2019, Realtid.se was voted the second-best economy site in Sweden. 

The survey is based on 665 individuals. Almost 80 percent of the responses are from CEOs, co-owners, board members and senior officials. Although respondents are spread over different industries such as Real estate, Venture Capital, fintech/IT, commercial banks, investment banks and law.  

The survey included questions about their company and how it is affected by the pandemic, but also their view on society at large and the stock market. The study’s main objective is to capture changes in attitude as the crisis continues and will therefore be repeated as it progresses. 

And the findings are quite interesting… 

85 percent of the respondents answer that their company has not dismissed any employees up until Easter holidays. A positive finding during a difficult time. Right now, about 62 percent believe that the corona crisis will lead to a recession and some 20 percent to a depression. How that perception changes over time will be interesting to follow in the future surveys we do.  

Those who work within the Swedish investment banks are most positive about the economic development, where 24 percent believe that the crisis will only lead to a temporary dip. Which can be compared to, for example, the real estate industry where only 12 percent stand for that view. 

Are you interested in the other findings? Read the Realtid.se article here: HERE

Stay safe,  

The Beautiful Clarity Team