Neuromarketing Summercamp 2022

After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, the International Neuromarketing Summercamp once more, and stronger than ever, was held in the north part of Sardinia gathering the most renowned experts from around the world.

Our Behavioural Insights Director Nick is one of the organizers and a keynote speaker. His findings within the behavioural side of consumption will be presented under the title: “How eyes and hands guide consumer choice”.

We have spent the last years measuring by using of eye tracking devices, how consumers use their visual sense to find and filter products. When combining this with sensors to detect their touching of the goods we now also understand how and why consumers assess and create an emotional bond to products before making a purchase decision. The ability to touch a product and the feelings it communicates has implications both for physical retail shopping as well as on-line shopping. Among other things Nick will present results and case studies from our work with global brands where the measuring of this behaviour helps our clients to increase the interaction with shoppers and in the end their sales and market share.