Market Research


We are all humans

In all the work we do, we approach the challenge from a behavioral standpoint. Consumers are people. B2B procurers are people, Investors are people. They behave like people. Not like some marketing objective. Humans are a lot more conform than marketers like to believe and a lot more irrational and emotional than economists like to believe.

The beauty of the mind

We humans have the ability to assess in milliseconds while adapting to complex social settings. Choice and preference are never made in isolation but in context. We help our clients make sense of this context and understand the underlying motivations that customers have for choosing one over the other.

No cause without effect. No effect without cause

The best way to learn, improve and innovate is by understanding the relationship between cause and effect. For us this means deep understanding of human behaviour combined with data analytics, the link between cause and effect.

For our clients it means new insights into the mind of their customers and better strategic tools to maximize the effect of the work done to grow market share, define the brand strength or to win at the point of purchase.

Work fields

Communications research

With average attention measured in seconds, advertising needs to be emotional, relevant and clear.

Evaluating and optimizing packaging and product design

Design speaks to the subconscious and plays a role beyond the esthetic. It communicated the product properties and is instantly recognizable.

Finding the distinctive brand assets

A brand logo is only one of many distinctive assets that is connected to a brand. Brand relevance is for consumers is built through layers of recognizable brand associations.

Shopping behaviour and retail Insights

From autopilot shopping to physical interactions. People don’t just choose products. They primarily discard products based on split second emotional decisions.

Researching and developing choice architecture

How do you influence the choices people make? Can you use nudges to create alternative decisions?

Sensory research

We use our senses all the time. Every situation and choice is made with the help of our senses. How do you optimize the sensory experience?

Investor marketing analysis

Investors are people too. No matter how rigorous the numbers are crunched, the assessment of future value is often emotional. How do you make your case beyond the numbers?

Usability and process research

No organization can operate today without digital platforms for trade, registration, use of services or customer service. How do you optimize the experience of your digital platforms?


Some of the methods and techniques we use to measure behaviour:

  • Eye Tracking
  • EEG
  • IAT
  • Early Stage Experimentation and Iteration
  • Shopper Journey Analysis
  • Sensor based touchpoint analytics
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Data Analytics