Communication solutions

Bringing positioning to life

There are different ways to bring a positioning to life. No matter how the communication solution is put together, it´s a power meet between creativity and intelligence: sticking with the strategies but deep dive into that pond of wild ideas.

Some of the ways to put the positioning to work is through:

  • The way marketing is designed in words and imagery
  • A tagline or slogan
  • Symbols, characters or avatars
  • The name, look and feel of products or their packaging
  • People who can personify the brand
  • Partner companies that enforces your chosen positioning

The Channels

The choice of channels to communicate through comes from the research that we have done that tells us where your audience is reached. This is then merged with the budget at hand. After establishing this, our media partners make sure that the investment is sound and aimes towards the relevant goals, regardless if we use payed, owned or earned channels.

Making investors happy

Besides supplying clever and creative marketing we are also skilled in promoting public companies towards investors. And using the positioning to make the brand shine through press releases, powerpoint presentations and investor meetings. Because there is one truth we cannot dodge; a brand always communicates, no matter the channels.

If you are a listed company, please contact us and ask how we have helped others in getting messages through to investors, making the market happy about the speed of communication and sometimes aiding in raising the stock value of a company. And since we love the underdog, we have a special offering called Small Cap Solution. Lets talk.