Brand strategy

Taking control of how you are perceived

Why do we have a relationship with some brands, while others leave us indifferent?

Why do we choose one brand or company over others, although the offerings are equal?

It´s all about how a brand is positioned: the image the world has of us. Our spot on the market. To enable the positioning to break through the constant noise, we need to find something connected to the heart of the company and at the same time make it stick in the audience´s mind. This calls for a sweet spot where clever thinking meets unleashed creativity.

And remember, your brand already has a position. The big question is: who is in control of it?

Size doesn´t matter

We have helped multi billion crown companies and the small business around the corner with the same formula. Because the basic battle of any entity that has something to offer the world is the same; you fight with the competitors to reach and gain the customers. And this is the foundation of the positioning process.

The positioning process

Beautiful Clarity works with a five-step process to harvest the optimal positioning for each brand. But the strategy work has many more benefits other than reaching the positioning statement. All the steps contain information that can and will be used in the forthcoming communication work.

Many times, before starting the process, we collect behavioural insights about the market and the customers. This makes for a solid data ground to stand on. Read more about our tools in behavioural insights.

The five-step process consists of:

  • Defining the product and market
  • Finding your target audience
  • Selecting the competition
  • Chosing differentiation
  • Creating the positioning

After this the creative work of communicating the positioning starts. More about that in the communication solution section. This way, please.

See the case about Flowscape here and the film that brought the new positioning to life.