Case: Global home appliance brand

100 000 human interactions can´t be wrong: touch increases sales.  

Results from our second Corona study in the economy site Realtid


Today you can find our research published on the front page of, research that is also commented on by key players in the financial market, giving an in dept analysis of our findings. The study maps the consequences of the corona pandemic and the questions mainly regard opinions on government support, company resilience and the stock market.   Among other things we found that a majority in all industry...

Beautiful Clarity has supplied sensor technology to Karlstad University


Beautiful Clarity has supplied its sensor technology to Karlstad University for a project aimed at researching shopper interactions with products in store. As part of its research into the digital transformation of retail, Karlstad University is conducting research into the role of physical interaction and digital tools during the path to purchase. Beautiful Clarity has...

Beautiful Clarity performs Corona study in collaboration with major financial media company


During Easter, the analytics team at Beautiful Clarity conducted a survey in collaboration with, one of Sweden’s most respected financial online news sites, on how their readers relate to the corona crisis. In 2019, was voted the second-best economy site in Sweden.  The survey is based on 665 individuals. Almost 80 percent of the responses are from CEOs, co-owners, board members and senior officials. Although respondents are spread over different industries such as Real estate,...