Beautiful Clarity performs Corona study in collaboration with major financial media company


During Easter, the analytics team at Beautiful Clarity conducted a survey in collaboration with Realtid.se, one of Sweden’s most respected financial online news sites, on how their readers relate to the corona crisis. In 2019, Realtid.se was voted the second-best economy site in Sweden.  The survey is based on 665 individuals. Almost 80 percent of the responses are from CEOs, co-owners, board members and senior officials. Although respondents are spread over different industries such as Real estate,...

The magic of happiness over time


These are difficult times. The world has come to a standstill and we are suddenly facing an invisible threat that is taking lives all around us. What makes this crisis even harder is that the threat comes from fellow humans. When we normally seek comfort with each other we now have to distance from friends...

Our view on covid-19


There is no question that the corona pandemic leaves many people feeling hopeless, fearful, and uncertain about the future. This situation is unprecedented in modern history, an experiment as some calls it. How do we as people react when there is so much uncertainty? Our thoughts go out to the countries most affected, our EU...

Context of choice


As consumers or shoppers, we are often confronted with a lot of choices.  This is when we use cognitive strategies to enable us to quickly, and with least possible effort, to make a choice. The choice is often not the perfect choice, but rather the most acceptable choice. As Rory Sutherland has said: “most people don’t optimize, they satisfice”  And we arrive at this choice mostly...

What is the role of touching in-store?


For one of our multinational clients we have executed a large consumer research project measuring how, how often, and when shoppers touch products in-store. We installed our proprietary sensors solution in 20 consumer electronics stores in Spain and measured several key behavioural aspects over a three month period. We measured footfall at the products as well as interaction with...

Beautiful Clarity and friends turned into Christmas prophets


During our annual Christmas afterwork – this year together with our client Samsung – Beautiful Clarity turned the evening into a prophecy event. Partners, clients and colleagues participated in a survey about Christmas 2039 answering questions like how Christmas gifts will be purchased, the possible travel options to visit relatives and the duration of the...

B:Clarity hosts Christmas afterwork together with Samsung


Our world is changing in an ever-growing pace, what we view as self-evident today may be a memory of the past tomorrow. Or maybe many things will stay exactly the same? Both B:Clarity and Samsung are future optimists, hoping to create an exciting and innovative future. Together we invited a hundred “prophets”, chosen to give...

The emotional touch


We do buy more things on-line nowadays. But despite the growth of digital shops we still buy most of our things in stores. And even when we purchase on-line, we like to visit stores to touch and feel products before we buy them either in the store or on-line. Fact is that in most consumer...


We are nominated in Svenska publishingpriset!


Our film for Realheart that tells the story of a heart failure patient has made it to the finals in the competition Svenska Publishingpriset.


The Earth through the smartest glass on the planet


Our brand film for ChromoGenics takes a universal standpoint.